This afternoon we found out that around 1 AM this morning, Pastor Euclide's fellowship (Partners in Harvest Church) was completely burnt to the ground. This is the church you have seen in pictures with the orphans ministry. It is also the church we do hospital visits with. This area in town has suffered much loss due to uncontrollable fires that start unexpectedly. The pastor of the church suffered the loss of his home and everything in it less than a year ago (because of fires). Now the church has been demolished. This church needs your prayers. Pray for pastor Euclide and his wife, for the fellowship and for the whole neighborhood around it. Two entire blocks were completely swallowed by the flames. . . This is the poorest neighborhood in Goma, they have nothing to build with again. Pray for these people, pray.

We will go to see Pastor Euclide tomorrow. Pray that the Lord will give us words of consolation and compassion. In my heart, I wish so badly we had a large well-funded organization that can assist this body of believers (which consists of many, many orphans). But for now, we can only give what we have and that's sincere love, compassion and wisdom from the word. Maybe one day, God will entrust us with more . . .

Please Lord I beg for your intervention to restore my marriage, Lord please touch my husband's heart and soften it to you and me. I beg your forgiveness and his for the pain I have caused and in so doing have pushed him away. Lord please turn his heart back to me to give me the chance to work on being the wife I should be. Please strengthen me and guide me to do your will. You are the author of marriage and I trust in you Lord to put your arms around us to build a union in your glory. Please Lord take the thoughts of separation away from him. God in heaven, please heed all these prayers. Please continue to pray for strength and guidance to weather this storm. I beg God's forgiveness for my sins and failings and to mold me to His will to be the wife my husband needs and deserves. Amen


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