Malaria, the dreaded parasitic virus that claims millions of lives annually but is completely treatable. Well for the past couple of days I have been suffering with a head cold and congestion. It was only a head cold which then developed into a fever. What happened is that I `had a cold which caused my immune system to weaken. Then in the night I must have gotten stuck by a mosquito who so happened to be a carrier of Malaria. With an already poor defense system I contracted Malaria.

I went to HEAL Africa which is a very well known and recognized hospital started by an American lady. They have served the Congolese faithfully for many years and have been a great help to the people of North Kivu who’ve experienced some of the worst tragedies on earth. But this time HEAL Africa has healed America...

The doctor who assisted me knows more languages and has seen more complicated injuries than 99% of doctors in America. He gets paid 1/10 the amount and must make do with 1/3 the resources of his American counterparts. But this doctor can do more than what 99% of American doctors could ever do: assess my blood for Malaria.

After taking my blood sample yesterday, they found out that I contracted Malaria. They gave me a 24 hour treatment and my body is already stronger. Also, they gave me some Vitamin C tablets mixed with Paracetamol to ease pain and reduce fever. So far I am recovering very well.

But there is a whole other side to this recovery. That is the power of prayer. Pastor Paul somehow must have sent a mass SMS to many acquaintances telling them to lift me up in prayer! So they did and I am sure that without their prayers I would not be recovering so well.
Andrew's Mom

Andrew, we will be praying for a return to good health for you! P.S. The Blackhawks are 2 to 1 in the Stanley Cup Finals!


Get well :).


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