When you lean back, He will surely catch you. This is something we are experiencing here in the DRC. We feel all your prayers and encourage you to continue. God has been moving even in the first two days of being here. The Congolese are people who are hardened by their sufferings, but the Congolese church has gained much hope out of it. Within the last ten years not only the war has affected the life of every citizen, but also volcanoes, earthquakes and natural disasters.  

I always say, it never hits me until I step in African churches that I’m actually in Africa. The same is true for this trip. Andrew was able to preach a powerful message from James 2:5 and we were we received by Peace Christian Church of Central Africa. During that meeting we were able to lay hands on the sick and exhort many believers. We will here testimonies from the church members this Sunday, however many proclaim they were healed. Later on Andrew also preached another message at Living Rock Ministries of Goma, a fellowship that focuses on discipling Congolese who want to speak English. Both churches are founded and grown by indigenous believers.

In the area of contacts, God has been so gracious to us. We have met with two pastors who we’ve been in contact with for the last few months and have been blessed by their genuine spirits. They have put us in contact in many important authorities who are Christian and are willing to work with us in the area of paperwork for us. We have also met indigenous workers many workers from World Relief, another organization who like us, have a vision for rural areas.

Getting indigenous leaders to work together can sometimes be disastrous for missionaries, but we have had great favor as we’ve met together with many of our key contacts. Some who wouldn’t have even known each other if we had not put them in contact. We have simply been sharing our heart and vision and asking them how their church vision can contribute to it.  God is moving, not because of us, but because of the willingness of the people to receive him and each other.

Along with the great fruit we’ve seen in just a few days, we’ve also experienced struggles. The city is dangerous and exponentially more dangerous for women. Last night was difficult on both of us; neither of us got a lot of sleep. We found ourselves listening to frightening sounds of women being mistreated , drunk men and military trucks rolling along the bumpy roads all night and praying in tongues for at least 5 hours. At one point a strange light came to our door, examined it and then walked away. We have decided to find another place to stay where there can be greater security provided.  It may have been one of the most disturbing experiences I’ve had so far on the mission field.

Ultimately, God is on the move and Satan can’t touch us if we are covered in the blood, but that doesn’t change the fact that he lurks. We need your prayers; the Congolese church needs your prayers. They were so blessed to know that folks in the USA are praying and fasting for their country. 

Andrew's Mom

I love you, Andrew and Amethyst. I am praying for God's angels to surround you, keep you safe, and give you peace.

Lynn VonBergen

Ditto! Keep safe & trust in God.

A daughter of a King

The depth of my heart love go out to Andrew and you. Were in continuances pray for Gomer. Africa, the churches.. Made the Lord continue pouring out wisdom and that His angels and Archangel cover both with unbelievable protecting<><


Love you both <><


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