This past week WOMF had their 17th annual pastor’s conference which took place just outside of Kampala at their Uganda headquarters. Most pastors come from Uganda where WOMF has their biggest presence but WOMF has pastors in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and Tanzania who also attend. Each year several pastors from America come to impart the Word alongside some of the Ugandan leaders.

God was at work moving on the hearts and minds of each pastor and church leader. The Spirit of God came alive and touched every attendee. I enjoyed ministering the Word but I think may have enjoyed listening to the word even more! When I wasn’t he document the events of the conference both on photo and video…  These pictures and video will be used for future promotional materials and the annual video.

But this conference was particularly special to me… Pastor Paul and Pastor Euclide had the opportunity to come from the DR Congo to get fed the word of God. In another post, I will talk about the cultural differences and surprises they encountered but for this post, I’ll detail about their time at the conference. Pastor Paul and Pastor Euclide could hardly believe that a muzungu could care for an African the way I/we cared for him while he was here. Really I didn’t do anything different than anyone else… but show just a simple act of love.

Pastor Paul said, “Huh, how can a poor Congolese like me stay at the WOMF Guest House with the rest of muzungus, eating with them, talking with them while yet all the other pastors are staying in other places. Who are we to boast in anything but through your kindness it is as if we are VIP’s.”

I said that it is nothing, I am just providing a way for them to experience God’s sovereignty and to be fed the word of God. They both thought it was some kind of special gospel that I was sharing with them through the actions I showed. In all honesty all I did was provided a way for them to stay at the Guest House, sharing a room with me, THAT’S IT! But somehow, it was as if I gave them a million dollars. But how can you put a price on the Word of God?

Both pastors got to know the speakers very well as we sat late night discussing ministry, theological issues and many great important things of God that would be too much detail in just one post. It was like an incubator where ideas, questions, problems and possible solutions where proposed, hashed out and suggested.

In the words of Pastor Euclide, “Wow, wow, wow, wow, Andrew this is something special that we got to experience, we will take the message of this conference back to Congo and put it into practice.”

Nobody will know the results other than God. One special moment occurred the last day of the conference. The Congo brothers were recognized by one of the speakers and a short prayer came. The Spirit of God fell on the room and out came a prophecy of the laborers and the harvest to take place in the Congo through the pastors from the DRC.

The theme of the conference was, “Where are the laborers?” with the theme coming from Matt 9:35-38 talking about the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.

God moved on the hearts of everyone and God did a great work. From this conference, one will never know how many lives were impacted and how many people will go into the field and reap a great harvest.
Seguku Worship Center - general session
Papa Ron preaching to the pastors
Pastor Derek praying for Congo pastors
Prayer for Congo pastors
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