We have been developing a new blog for the last few months and it's time to announce that it's finally live! You can now follow us atwww.sendtheroths.com

Make sure you grab the new news feed and save it to your favorites, bookmark it, post it to your Facebook, whatever it is you do.

Thank you for being patient with our lack of communication, we've been working on some brand new developments which will be announced on our other page. So come and see it!
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Tawnya Peaster
1/26/2011 14:14:21

It was great to see you both & your mom! I thought later...I should have been talking to you! I can talk to your mom anytime. lol
Anyway, you guys & your work are in our prayers.
We love you!


Nice one info, thx

3/24/2012 08:10:51

Appreciate your details

6/14/2012 03:22:42

will return quickly

7/11/2012 20:22:42

will come back before long


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