Anyone who has rappelled before knows the feeling… It’s that uneasy feeling when you lean back in the beginning of a rappel to make the “L” formation with your body. The body sends strong signals to our brain when something “unnatural” is taking place, often triggering a warning. When a climber bends back for that initial rappel, that’s the often the hardest part of the whole rappel.

Why? Because it’s unnatural. The body and mind understand that leaning back into nothing is not normal and thus try to prevent you. Peoples knees cramp, tighten and buckle just before they lean back. Leaning back in rappelling is the defining moment on whether a person is really going to do it or not. . .
So late tonight (actually early this morning) our place to stay in the DRC pretty much fell through, crashed and burned very quickly. You know God's calling you to FULLY trust Him when you’re going to a war torn country, the pastor doesn't want you to stay with him because he fears you'll be in too much a danger and so finally your left either sleeping on the street or forking up money that doesn't even exist in your bank account.

Andrew and I smiled at each other blankly; I really don’t think we knew what else to do, “Jesus, this is going to be interesting.” We kept our cool and just held each other, making phone calls till 2 AM. It was this early in the morning that we realized the costs in DR Congo may be more expensive than we thought. “Oh Lord Jesus,” was the uneasy silence filler as we stared the depleting Skype account on our computer.

Within a few hours after the dilemma we were able to find a guest house with a few sisters (nuns) along the outskirts of the city. In Zambia we often mentioned the term “TIA” (this is Africa) jokingly to each other as things often never` went as planned and always tend to get more complicated than they have to be. Today was the beginning of our TIA moments. . .
An experienced climber understands his equipment and trusts it, that’s why he can lean back without thought or hesitation. His degree of faith in his equipment exceeds his bodies “warning” signals.

Over the past few years in the ministry, I have learned that there are things you do in faith that you share with people. Other things you just don’t, because if everyone knew they’d do more harm than good. Virtually EVERY ASPECT of our life has been tested in some way over this past month. From health to issues in the office to personal finances to schooling to trip funding to lodging to visas this list continues. Some areas we'd mentioned to family and friends others we refrained simply because we didn't want people to worry too much.

Despite all what seemed to be setbacks, God has broken taken care of everything. Not one or two things, but everything. Honestly, the testimonies are endless.  He hasn’t let us slip off the mountain once and as long as we trust the equipment he’s given us, He won’t let us…

Now won’t you begin to trust the equipment God’s given you and lean back with us . . .

Andrew & Amethyst,
Just remember that God strengthens his servants before using them. It's part of his love. Also remember that he gives grace to those he calls. That grace doesn't always extend to friends and family so we may worry some.

We'll be praying.



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