NOTE: This post is by our teammate, Sam.

This is my first time in Africa.  I like it.  The African cities I’ve been to so far are much different from America.  There are people EVERYWHERE.  It’s different in the U.S. because everyone travels in their cars, so you don’t actually get to see the people who are doing the traveling.  Not so in the city of Goma where we are staying; you can see people everywhere.  Motorbike is our primary mode of travel. 

Everywhere we hear “Muzungu,” which means rich white man.  As we ride on the motorbike, “Eh, muzungu!”  As we enter a store, people say to each other, “Muzungu.”  The children flock behind us as we walk through the slums shouting, “Muzungu!”  I’m not really sure whether to take this as a negative or a positive thing, but it is what it is.  It is shocking for them to see a muzungu riding a motorbike or walking through their poor neighborhood because it disrupts the stereotypical ‘white man’ image they have in their minds.  Despite this heightened attention that we attract, I already feel normal staying here.  After only two full days in Goma, it doesn’t feel like a foreign place anymore.  I attribute this to the warm welcome I have received from the local Body of Christ.  I have family in this city.

My purpose here is to help Andrew and Amethyst in whatever way they need to further God’s vision for them in the DRC.  We have a full schedule for the time that I’m here since it was so expensive to get me over to Africa.  I’ve already given the Word of God on several occasions.  Most of the time, I did not have anything prepared when I was asked to share.  I just opened my Bible and asked the Holy Spirit to guide me; after all, that’s what He’s there for.  This naturally makes me nervous because I’m most comfortable when I’ve had time to prepare, but God is pushing my comfort zone and teaching me further to rely on His strength and wisdom instead of my own.  Praise the Lord! 

Some people just need a little push to get them to step out of the boat.  I’m grateful for my time here.  I’ve realized that God has multiple purposes for me on this trip: my strengthening, Andrew and Amethyst’s strengthening, and the strengthening of the church in the DRC.  Lord Jesus, have your way in us.  Amen.

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