Well that is the location nearest we are staying now. We moved in to our new abode. We were praying for a safe and secure place for around $400 a month. It took some searching but all things work out for the good of those who love Him. We love Him! Praise God that we found this place. Amethyst and I are staying with two United Nations staff members. Sam is from Liberia and Frances is from Sierra Leone. Both of them come from two countries that have undoubtedly seen their fair share of violence and war.

Jambo Safari in English means “hello trip.” How true is that! A good friend of ours, Sam will be coming and joining us here to do ministry. For just over two weeks he is leaving his comforts of America and will serve along side of us ministering amongst some of the world’s most neglected. Sam leaves today, June 9, 2010 and will embark on the grueling two days of constant travel. We’ll meet him in Kigali, Rwanda on June 11 so keep him in your prayers. Pray for a safe journey and that the Lord would prepare him mentally, emotionally and spiritually for ministry!

Our schedule is full full as the Congolese would say. Here is a brief look into our upcoming schedule, at least while Sam is here! Also, this is for your information so you have a brief indication of what to pray for.

June 11-26

11 – Travel to Kigali to get Sam
12 – Return from Kigali, day of rest for Sam, running last minute errands
13 – Visit CEPAC Tumaini Church and Living Rock Ministries
 14 – Visit Partners in Harvest @ 7:00 – HEAL Africa @ 8:30 – orphans at PIH Church
15 – Visit Partners in Harvest @ 7:30 – 8:30 seminar on love, visit Birere quarter praying for sick
16 – Visit Partners in Harvest @ 7:30 – 8:30 general, 8:30-9:30 women’s meeting, 9:30-? seminar
17 – Visit CEPAC Baraka Church
18-20 – Nyangoma (Traveling out and staying in the rural villages for ministry)
21 – Bweremana (more rural ministry)
22-23 – Mugunga 3 Internally Displaced Camp ministry
24 – Day of rest
25 – Travel to Kigali
26 – Sam Leaves

In other news, we have not yet had the money to buy a 4x4 vehicle but we have found transportation. This past Saturday we purchased a dirt bike! It isn’t a Yamaha as they cost like $5,000 for only a 175cc. After looking around we decided to buy a Senke 200cc for $1,000. It isn’t something you’ll race AMA Supercross and won’t be seen as a bike that wins the Paris Dakar Rally but it will take us most every place we need to go, even up steep mountain paths. Senke is an Indian brand with cheaper parts than a Yamaha but as long as you take care of it, it’ll run well for a long time, so the locals say. Many Congolese experts are actually very impressed with its engine.

Also, you must be wondering, “How is Andrew?”

I am doing fine! I went to the doctor at HEAL Africa and he prescribed me some medication and I am doing just fine. I am finishing the last of the medication as we speak and I have made a full recovery, praise God! Thank you all for your many prayers. We appreciate it a lot.

Hang in there if we don’t put up a blog every day or even a couple days because of two things: the internet connection is slow slow, as in slower than a dial-up connection bogged down with ten users trying to download 100 songs on LimeWire and also, we’re busy doing ministry so we don’t always have the time to spend to upload a new blog post.

Bless you!

Andrew & Amethyst  

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