Going to the rural areas has been very difficult, if it’s not one thing it’s the other. Our vehicle has limited capability; there are sometimes bribes up to $300 on the road there, militias skirmish along the main roads with weapons and hand grenades. Every time we try to make it out there, something happens. It’s sometimes discouraging.

Recently, we were able to go to a small village only 50 km outside the city called Bwaramanwe where we spent the day doing ministry and meeting a rural pastor. He was a jolly man who had been in the ministry for many years. We visited his church and had a prayer meeting with the leaders. “Three years ago, God told us that he would send us a messenger with light skin, now you have finally come.”

In Bwaramanwe we saw at least 50 people stand up to accept Christ and almost the entire church was full on a workday with many visitors who wanted to hear the message we would bring.

Yesterday, we were supposed to go to the village of Minova. The night before, everyone on our team had strange dreams about the trip, including Amethyst. Regardless we decided to carry out the mission.

On the way to Minova, our vehicle was hit by a United Nations military truck. I praise God because this accident could’ve been much worse.  The back of the vehicle was hit, where both Andrew and I were sitting, but neither of us were hurt, nor anyone else in the vehicle.

The trip was scratched but we spent the day on the Indian UN Military base. I don’t know why God allowed that to happen, but we have put it in his hands.

Overland Missions focuses in on the rural bush areas. This is where we have been trying to go. Yet, we have faced a lot of obstacles from paperwork, to bad contacts, to bad roads, to accidents. Please pray that God’s will be done. We don’t understand much, but we know we’ll keep trying.

I read your update this morning and thought of the sermon I heard yesterday. Our pastor was talking about "detours" God puts in our path and about how Paul only stopped in Galatia because of an illness; he must have been frustrated by what seemed like an annoying delay. But the result was the conversion of a large number of people in the area, and eventually, through his correspondence with them, the book of Galatians that so many millions have read! It's hard to see the purpose in such detours when we're in them, but my prayer for you guys is that God would work in his wondrous and mysterious ways to bring fruit out of this accident!


Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.


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