Two weeks ago, God brought us to Oklahoma in order to wrap his arms around us and say "Your doing a good job, keep it up, I love you and I am with you." He used all kinds of people from different ministries to encourage us so much. It was needed.
       Financially, we probably came out even as far as the "support raising" aspect of it. But the truthfully, sometimes you have to take faith steps and make an investment in relationships. Andrew and I made so many divine contacts, I found the trip to be well worth it. We would cast vision everywhere we went and people really had "ears to hear". We were prayed over and prophesied over. Andrew and I found ourselves going to bed saying, "We don't even know most of these people and they feel like family."
         God used others to teach us about being a frontline soldiers for Christ. When Israel went to battle in the OT, they sent out the Tribe of Judah first. The Tribe of Judah were the worshipers who played instruments and danced. This is an extremely powerful reality in the war we fight today against powers and principalities. Where there is a spirit of worship, the atmosphere changes and darkness flees. This is the first and foremost important tactic in missions. Prayer and worship. As we break ground in Congo. It is our heart to bring in worshipers and prayer warriors who will make the commitment to do that at all times at base camp. As humans we tend to compartmentalize parts of the church, like worship, missions, discipleship etc. But truthfully that's all wrapped in one thing. Worship brings missions, it brings discipleship. It's the gateway to the heavenly.
         Andrew and I got very specific prophesies from people who didn't know who we were or what we were doing. From being called out in the midst of revival meetings to being prophesied over outside a frozen yogurt shop. The Director of Burn 24/7 OKC actually  had a vision of a tidal wave rising up from the center of DR Congo and splashing into all the surrounding countries.
        We also had the chance to meet with the founders of No Boundaries International. This organization does ministry in Sierra Leone, where many of the issues are alot like Congo. We were able to connect with them in an awesome way and they connected us to other important people we could talk to in the Congo.
        One night, we attended the Korean Nazarene Church where Andrew finally got to hang out with people like him! Later on during a night of prayer and worship, some of his Korean friends were able to pray over him and commission him in the native tongue. It was extremely powerful. God moved mightily. Thank you for all your prayers, we felt them immensely.


Friendship with oneself is all-important because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.


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