We have continued to visit the Heal Africa hospital with Pastor Euclide and his staff. One day we all separated into groups with other Congolese ministers. Sam went to one part of the hospital, Andrew to another, and I (Amethyst) went to the ward for the rape/gender violence victims. It was timely, because a few of the women were about to undergo surgery just before I came in.

Again, I read the Psalms to them and prayed over them. Some were in so much pain, they could hardly walk. When I began to pray for the women who came to me, the other women slowly (and painfully) began to get out of bed and come for prayer. When I noticed, I immediately told them that I would come to them, but one woman did not listen. She came and got on her knees in front of me. As I prayed over her, she clutched my skirt. . . I immediately thought about the woman with the issue of blood, how she touched part of Jesus’ clothes and she was healed by her faith.  

Andrew went to a place with AIDS patients. He prayed over them and gave them encouragement. It was very difficult for him to see some people in the last stages of their life.

Sam saw five people come to Jesus after he shared the Gospel with them.

After ministering to the women, I went to the newborn baby ward. I spoke to the mothers about how there is life and death in what they speak over their children, afterward I prayed a prayer of dedication over the babies. It was a great joy to hold the newborn babies and speak scripture over them.
Many things went on as we ministered at the hospital and although Sam, Andrew and I were not together, the Lord was working through all of us and our local Congolese brothers and sisters. . .
A photo of a female AIDS patient on her death bed. They asked Andrew to take a picture so that she'll always be remembered.

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