Yesterday was a long day for me. I woke up at 5:00am to go to an early morning church service where I gave the message. The message was about not doubting and staying strong until the finish even if it might not be favorable to us as we see it. God’s ways are higher than our ways. We know He exists and we’ve all had encounters with Him. I gave the message about John the Baptist when he was imprisoned and doubted who Jesus was by saying, “Are you the one to come or should we expect another.”

After the early morning church service, I came home and got ready to go to Sake to visit the Pygmies. Sake is a 27KM trip one-way. Amethyst had to stay home so I got on the motorbike myself and continued on. Upon arriving, the orphaned children were in church service and everyone stopped singing. I heard shouts, “The visitor has arrived by moto (motorbike).”  “He is on a motorbike!” (translated from Swahili.)

All of the kids came running out of the church. They came and hugged me, each one of them and they took my hand and escorted me back into the church. Church service resumed with them singing two songs which they say as well as any children’s choir in the world.

Many of the pygmies had been waiting for two hours for my arrival and some returned home. Slowly slowly the church began to fill up with more and more people as the service went on and they found out that the visitor had come. Truthfully I had not prepared a specific message for the group but because there were so many orphans I began to tell them about having child like faith from Matt 18:2-6. My message began to evolve as more people arrived, widows! So then I went to James 1:27 about what is pleasing before God is to look out for the orphan and widow.

I began to develop the topic about orphans and widows being considered the downcast of society and they are often those most in need. Many heads nodded and murmurs of “sana” came in waves. (Sana in Swahili means very much so.) I went on to say that blessed are the poor in spirit because theirs is the kingdom of God from Matt 5:3. Those who don’t have much must rely on God more and they will seek the kingdom of God more than those with all the possessions in the world.

After the message, I opened the time up for some questions. This was kind of a new teaching where they could ask questions rather than the teacher just speaking. One of the questions that came up was how can they be blessed if nobody blesses them? How can their voice be heard if nobody listens? These are all difficult questions but I responded with this. Actions speak louder than words. You don’t need to have an advocate, you can be your own advocate. Instead of praying for money or a voice, pray for opportunities and ideas to make money and for ways to let your voice be heard by your actions.

I developed this topic further about creating small businesses where they can create income. They can sew cloths, make carpentry, wash clothes, sell food, etc. One business can help develop the other business and each small business will make income. Also, the testimony will be loud and clear that the orphans and widows are productive members of society. I encouraged them to do the best they can and avoid corruption for a testimony to others and to God. This has been a reoccurring topic about creating business instead of just begging for money.

The last question of the day surprised me. One of the orphans stood up and asked, “How can we have justice though it seems that no one will be our advocate?” What a wise and bold question!

I responded, “Thanks for your question, that is a really good question. Seek justice and righteousness through prayer and God will be advocate or raise up someone to be your advocate. But also if you pray for justice, you yourself can’t be stealing food from a street vendor or else you are praying for your own judgment when praying for justice.”

The orphans understood very well and they we all encouraged. Each of the grownups were also encouraged because they heard the word of God, especially the pygmy widows. Afterward, I had the opportunity to visit the property to see how the orphanage was run. God has great things in store for these orphans. I know they will be able to use sewing, carpentry and other types of business to make income and to be successful.


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