God is amazing and has the ability to change mindsets, in doing so entire nations can follow. It has been a blessing to minister before so many churches and congregations. They range from Charismatic Anglican to Union Baptist to Pentecostal.  We try to make every message empowering and touch on spiritual disciplines like praying, studying the bible, fellowshipping, etc. Over the past week, our schedule has been full-full!

For this past week, we’ve had three speaking engagements nearly every day. Our day has been starting at 5:30AM for a morning service, then ministering somewhere else in the morning/early afternoon, followed by a late-afternoon or evening service. In between speaking engagements we’ve had meetings with other pastors and church leaders.

Even when we’re “not on the clock” we meet other pastors and church leaders. After finishing from an early morning speaking engagement we were at a Christian bookstore. (By bookstore, we mean a 20-foot by 20-foot room with two shelves and a few bibles, hymnals and devotions on them.) But while there, we coincidentally ran into a man who does community development.

It has been our prayer to find someone who has a practical community development curriculum relevant to the Congolese. By relevant we mean sustainable models that can be duplicated amongst all Congolese regardless of location or background. Well, it appears we found a man who has a practical curriculum for community development.

Community development is so important. There has been a great migration of village people to larger cities. In the process the precious village way of life is slowly evaporating. Almost everyone we’ve met is from the village. Most of these people even admit they like village life. However, if there is nothing in the village: no school, no infrastructure, no church, nothing; there is no incentive to stay. Combine all of this with lack of safety and you can see why those in remote areas are forsaking village life.

This man we met, Fataki Mastaki, has many successful projects in Burundi and Rwanda. He would now like to implement work in the DR Congo. Fataki has prepared community development programs for almost every initiative one can think of. With these Bible-centered programs, communities will see how God desires to see His people live a holistic and blessed life.

Ministering the word of God in spirit and truth is absolutely essential for God’s Kingdom to be advanced on earth. With holistic, Bible-based community development models entire regions can be impacted. God’s word must accompany community development and likewise, long-lasting development will not come apart from the Word of God. 

Lord of water earth and sky<><

Amen praise the Lord for u guys, How God love u. I just want to appreciate you guys for the work in the Lord name.. Holy is the Lord!! <><

Steve and Lorna

We are making you two a major focus of the prayer meeting tonight.


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