After finishing up a spirit-filled night of ministry, prayer and worship at our small group. Andrew and I are gathering our things for a twenty hour drive to Oklahoma. This is a faith trip in many ways. We have a good friend who recently moved to OK City to work for a ministry known as Burn 24/7. She's invited us to come and meet their director, meet people who are interested in hearing about our vision and speak at a few home groups and maybe even a few churches. Ultimately, this wonderful servant friend of ours planned nearly all of it. Andrew and I are getting in our car and driving tonight. We have no idea what will happen on this trip, but we are believing in faith that people will be ministered to and new laborers will be recruited for the kingdom of God. We are believing for more financial partners and strategic divine appointments.

We've brought our tent and sleeping bags, just in case we have to sleep in a local camp ground (hotels are overrated.) We're ready for the best and ready for the worst. Please pray this trip is a success as we are investing quite a bit into it. We know it won't be in vain.

There isn't anything "PRETTY" about missions. You often hear stories of how millions came to Christ and revival broke out in nations as the glory of the Gospel was received. Just remember, that's only a fraction of the missionary's story. Much pain, toil, loneliness and tears came before that. Overland Missions often puts it this way, "It's 90% travel and 10% glory." But the bible says, "those who sow in tears, will reap in joy."

People think we're nuts sometimes, but sometimes you have to do what you can and then take a few steps in blind faith and don't be afraid to fail. Failure is a friend to success; it teaches us. Quitting is the opposite. Love is the root of missions, sacrifice is the fruit of missions. Remember that!

Pray for us and pray for our time. You are a blessing to us, those of you who read our journals. We hope these journals are an encouragement to you and that you are blessed.

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