As we wrap up our trip, we’ve been doing so many interviews, asking people to give their testimonies, listening to their stories. It’s been touching. One lady even said, “I didn’t know that white man (men) cared about people, I didn’t know they understood how to love like Jesus. You have shown me who Jesus is.” We have been spending time in some of the most difficult areas in town ministering home to home, blessing people’s houses. 

There was a young girl we prayed over at an IDP camp (Internally displaced people). She was stiff, could not walk and could not talk. I recall praying over her and thinking I hope she doesn’t die soon. That’s how bad things looked. Last night, at someone’s house we received a call from a pastor at that IDP camp. He was excited, exclaiming, “The missionaries are doing a great work!” He went on to mention that the young girl was hopping around the morning after we prayed over her. “Tell them to keep doing the work of God,”  he said. . .
The child was healed
The child suffered from demonic attacks and poor health. She was delivered!

Love u so so much, and can't wait to see u once again..
in a wonderful mood, Daughter fly out of Africa... arriving in USA Friday.. i continue praying for traveling mercy..

Love u so so much, and can't wait to see u once again.. <IAM><....


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