As I have posted on Facebook already, Andrew has been fighting an illness for the past couple of days…  He’s been taking Nyquil, Vitamin C, drinking lots of water and of course getting a lot of rest. This is still not kicking the sickness in the butt! Today, he woke up with almost  a 102 degree fever. With that said, the pastor and I have decide to take him to the “Heal Africa” hospital in Goma.  I’m keeping this post short and simply saying. Pray for his health and wellness.

We have been getting many SMS messages from our African translators and other pastors showing their concerns. One SMS read “Peace to you! Reject far from u all doubt and fear, only trust in the Lord. He is on time to operate miracles for you as he did for me! We are together in prayer… Nice healing night!”

Of course, we know that above all, the Lord is our healer. But I find it funny that today… Heal Africa, will be healing America.

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