Since I (Amethyst) have been taking university courses online while here in DRC, I have been doing much research on the issues like the refugee crisis. As a student, I have had a chance to get detailed accounts, not just conceptual knowledge of the international politics of Afrca.

I have decided to share on my projects with you. It's a PowerPoint photo essay about the refugee in DRC. For those who are interested at taking a deeper look into the situation, I think it will be incredibly beneficial. Remember this was originally a project done for academic purposes, so it may not be as exciting as some of our blog posts.You may need to download a converter in order to view the whole PowerPoint accurately.
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Amethyst, this is an extremely impressive presentation and you would get an A in my book. This is news that you do not hear often. There is a dire need of help for the DRC and at least someone, you, can realize that. Im sure you have made many people, including the man up above very proud-keep following your dream!


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