This past Saturday we returned from Kigali after picking up one of our good friends, Sam Klimmek.  Sam is a great friend with a like-hearted spirit.  He worships with us in the United States when we have worship nights.  We are happy to have him with us.  He’s a great blessing.

Sunday, all of us went to CEPAC Tumaini church, where Sam gave the message.  He spoke on love.  Love is a concept that not many understand around the world but particularly in the DR Congo.  Many don’t understand the full meaning of love in a country that has been plagued with war, hatred, greed and corruption.  The message of love is a much needed one.  (Also as a side note, the pastor from CEPAC Tumaini is the one who wrote the necessary letter of invite in order for Sam to obtain his visa and enter the country.)

Afterward, Sam gave the English lesson with Pastor Paul at the Brotherly English Center (BEC):  a place where Congolese can go to learn English and worship God.  After the English lesson, the BEC holds a church service in English.  Sam gave a message from Philippians 4.

On Monday we went and did ministry at HEAL Africa Hospital again with Pastor Euclide and those from Partners in Harvest Church.  Simply put, our goal was to be Jesus to these people.  Jesus went to the sick to pray for them, so likewise we are to be imitators of Christ.  Many people were encouraged by our presence, five people accepted Jesus into their hearts.  We believe Jesus will heal them spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Upon our completion of praying for everyone at HEAL Africa, we traveled to Partners in Harvest Church where we had a great time with the orphans.  Partners in Harvest Church is located in the biggest slum of Goma.  There are many orphaned street children.  Pastor Euclide has gotten a great revelation:  the future of the nation rests in the children.  Thus, they do much with the orphans.  We taught them the ABC’s in English and then gave a message about how they are children of promise and can do all things through Christ who strengthens them.  They have the power to lay hands on the sick, to pray for an issue and to see God move in power.

Ministry with the orphans ended with us blowing bubbles in the street and watching them jump up and down trying to catch them.  Meanwhile, the leaders were preparing bread and juice for the orphans, a great treat!  After the bubbles were finished we returned back inside where the orphans received the bread and juice.  The numbers didn’t add up, there were more kids than bread and juice, but somehow there was enough for everyone.  In God there is always enough.  Pastor Euclide told about how Andrew and Philip gathered only five loaves and two fish for Jesus’ large crowd, but after they prayed and broke the bread and the fish, there was enough for everyone.  All of the orphans left happy, and in the end, there were two baskets of bread and juice leftover!  Amen!

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