In the last few days, Andrew has taught at the Brotherly English Center about American English. In the DRC the main languages are French and Swahili, but many Congolese very aware of the world around them. They know more about American politics than most Americans themselves; they know a lot about current events and they understand that English dominates the world economically. For this reason, many of them are spending the little money they have to learn English—not British English but American English. 

We have also visited schools for the deaf who are also learning American Sign Language. Recently, we were able to minister at an English School which is not Christian based. Andrew spoke about how knowledge without wisdom is puffed up, and only wisdom can come from the Lord Jesus. We said the prayer of Salvation and encouraged them as believers as well as English students.

The water purifier we have brought with us is an amazing tool specifically in the area of medicine. The sickness here is so great, but the supply of pure water is little. Hospitals are struggling to produce purified water for surgical procedures. In some hospitals, access to water is also a problem. How can they purify what they don’t have?

We have used the purifier to reuse what little available water there is for hospitals. We don’t have the finances to provide these hospitals with a purification system like the Vortex Voyager, but while we are there, we encourage the patients and filter as much water as we can for the hospital to use for surgeries.  Hospital directors are amazed at what this purification system can do. We pray that we can visit some more hospitals to help out. I pray that God would give us the opportunity to minister to the patients while we purify the water.

Many of these patients are not only suffering from preventable diseases but also physical issues directly related to the war: women raped and deliberately mutilated in the vaginal areas, people with missing eyes, or dismembered by machetes.

The war is truly affecting everyone… even NGO workers. You can tell that many workers have become cold to the atrocities. They’ve lost their idealism and are just trying to do what they can, but in their hearts they have no hope for the people they’re helping. We need the Lord to penetrate the hearts of the western workers, lest they get burnt out and bitter.  


Andrew & Amethyst,

SO excited about you guys being in the DRC. We are so proud of you and so blessed to hear about what's happening in the DRC. We love you guys and are thinking about you in Zambia!


U both are a blessing to other and love your updates.. Excited to hear all the blessing the Lord pour upon u both..

may the spirit of the Lord continues using both as one,

Be bless and be safe<><


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