Last Sunday was day of Pentecost.  After participating and water baptizing new believers and telling them about another baptism which they must experience, Andrew spent a long time studying the word of God the night before “Pentecost Sunday”. We were praying to see these new believers receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and their prayer language. He studied diligently the scriptures, since we know this is a controversial subject. He wanted the believers to know what the baptism of the Holy Spirit was, and why they needed it…

The following Sunday was very powerful, Andrew shared a powerful word and gave an invitation to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Over 25 believers came forward and were filled with the Holy Spirit, people fell on the ground, others cried and there were several healings. One lady immediately proclaimed her back had been straightened after praying. Following the Sunday morning service, Pastor Paul asked that Andrew would share another message about the Holy Spirit at his church (in another quarter of the city). Andrew shared the message there and a few people received their prayer language for the first time. At the end of the meeting the believers asked for us to hold another meeting on Saturday’s at six where they can practice praying together and exercising the spiritual gifts. The believers were uplifted and were excited to pray.


PERSONAL CONFESSION...I have been having big time worries--over finances and health issues. Then I read Matthew 6, "Take no thought....." The Word and Spirit lifted me. Oswald Chambers writes: "It is not only wrong to worry, it is infidelity, because worrying means we do not think God can take care of the details of o...ur life. What did Jesus say chocked the Word? The devil? No, the care of this world.">> Don Wilkerson

"That's where 'the rubber meets the road'...!"

Love you and i know that i know that the Lord is with you both.. We will continue to bring your names and ministry to the Lord .. <><


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