Children are receptive; adults are skeptics. I guess that’s to be expected...

Andrew is in Wisconsin right now. Yesterday, he shared with the children at a church about the Democratic Republic of Congo and the importance of the Great Commission. He showed them pictures from the field and told them what it’s like being their age in Congo. He  spoke about God’s miracle working power that multiplied the bread and juice (see former posts). He first shared with the older children and then shared with the younger children, breaking it down more simply of course!

I (Amethyst) remember when I was in kid’s church and the missionaries would come and visit. They would tell us about miracles too. I remember one story, where the missionary told us that thieves were coming to steal from their vehicle, but ran away because they saw large men in the backseat. Oddly enough, the missionary found out about this later—But there actually wasn’t anyone else in her van,  only her. God protected this missionary by revealing angels (which seemed like large beings) in her back seat!

After Andrew finished with the children—He was invited to speak to the men’s bible study, where he shared briefly about the work in Congo. He told them some of our needs, but the time was very short.

When church was finished Andrew had a chance to speak to several individuals about the trip. He told them about what the Holy Spirit was doing.

“I could see in [the adults’] eyes that they were very skeptical about what I was saying,” Andrew said “especially when I talked face to face with them, but I just said it anyway.”

He told me on the phone last night, that he didn’t care what people thought anymore, he'd just tell the truth and let others wrestle with unbelief.

Mark 10:14-15 says, "truly I tell you, whoever does not receive and accept and welcome the kingdom of God like a little child [does] positively shall not enter it at all."

Let's all make sure we keep that childlike faith and make it into the kingdom!