What the heck does that mean? It's Swahili meaning that a boy is in the car. Amethyst usually always returns from morning classes to me learning Swahili. She laughs because she hears all of these strange sentences and doesn't know what they mean and begs me to tell her what it means. 

Rosetta Stone has been pretty effective so far. I'm able to pick out words and concepts really easy but I am seeing its short falls. I like the immersion aspect of it but unlike romantic languages, the noun, adjective and verb conjugation is a bit different. It is easy to pick up but not the same as say French or Spanish. 

Then sometimes Amethyst will say, "They're talking about this or that aren't they?" Her ears remember words from this summer! It's fun to learn Swahili on my own but it still isn't the same as going head first into a culture... but it's semi-close but not really. 

Besides the Swahili, I've been working on a really exciting event coming up this spring. It's a lot of work and a bit difficult to get off the ground but when we unveil it, we're sure you'll love it! We have a name for it though. We'll give you some hints in the upcoming updates. 

Otherwise, it's been work as usual. We're already planning our trip for this next summer. There's so much to get done but it seems so little time! God gives everyone 24 hours, what we do with them is up to us though. Sometimes, I wish we could hold back the sun. Oh wait, it's already been done by Joshua (Joshua 10:12.) I guess there really isn't anything new under the sun anyways (Ecc 1:9.) 

God has been faithful even through the many trials and transitions. He never forsakes the righteous so long as they live by faith. (Okay I combined a few verses there but the word is still true. Ps 37:25 and Heb 10:38.)  It's easy to doubt and count the "slowness of God" but God has proved Himself faithful. 

Well there's a quick update. You'll be seeing a snail mail newsletter pretty soon. If you have not been receiving our newsletters via USPS and would like to please visit our contact page!