Missions is the heart beat of God! It's our prayer that our hearts become like God's. Life and the worries of life can easily distract but a heart set fully on God will never be lead astray. That's what we've felt the last couple of weeks after stepping away from Overland, under Calvary Christian Center as our financial and spiritual covering and into what lies ahead for the DR Congo.

These past weeks have been foundational to the furthering of the work God has for us in the DRC. We've kept up to date with our Congolese friends and contacts and it seems like they encourage us more than we encourage them. It is a true testimony to the power of the living God and what He started from the word, "Go!" 

Two weeks ago I started my Swahili training through Rosetta Stone, dictionaries and other training material. Learning a language is difficult and Rosetta Stone is effective but very hard! I'm learning a lot, my accent is going to be Tanzanian/American though (hahaha... and Swahili in the Congo is the roughest of the four main countries that speak it.)

We've also begun the foundation work pursuing long-term ministry in the DRC. This has entailed formulating vision plans, strategy, partnerships, budget planning and fundraising to name a few things we've been busy with. 

Also, another exciting thing we're doing is helping our church develop a missions program. According to the current missions model, a missionary attends a church, receives a call to missions, seeks out a ministry to serve under and then is launched into ministry. We understand this wouldn't work for every church but with a church with characteristics like ours, why couldn't it have the resources and structure to send out missionaries in-house so to speak? Amethyst and I serving our church in the formulation of this plan, from the ground up. It's kind of exciting.

Our hands have been pretty busy and it isn't our desire to neglect updates. So we just thank all of you for your prayers and support. We couldn't do anything without you. Continue to pray for us as we press forward with all the planning and preparation for long-term work in the DRC.