Hello everyone! Operation Newsletter: Complete! That's right, we just got done mailing out our newsletter. Our newsletter takes a while to send out, especially to all 370 of you who have expressed interest in receiving our newsletters via USPS. Alternatively, many more of you receive it via e-mail. It takes a lot to put one together.

We kind of redesigned it a little bit and we hope you like it. It's a tri-fold by bi-fold. It's the same newsletter, with the same content, just we've been trying to stream line the process.

No envelopes or labels, thank you mail merge. We've taken the same time, effort and energy we've always put into the process, we're just cutting down on admin time. That makes us excited!

Be on the lookout one is coming to a mailbox near you. Also, if your address has changed please let us know! We want you to get our newsletters and it's worth the postage to keep you informed about what we're doing.

Don't be shy. We love to hear from you and we appreciate your feedback.