It has been a while! We had a great holidays and are have been back into the swing of things since the start of January. The first week of January was a great time as we had the chance to catch up with some of our supporters. It seems like one giant family. We were able to share about all that we're doing and it was such a refreshing time. Timely indeed it was as it really encouraged us to go forward because there is a team behind us in prayer and support.

Well we've been moving a long with planning for our trip this summer and coming up with ways to fundraise for a vehicle, actually two! A vehicle is absolutely 100% necessary for the success of future work in the Congo. No vehicle = limited ministry potential. (as in p-e-r-o-i-d.) 

Remember those statements about, "We have some new and exciting events coming up..." and "we're in the process of planning something exciting..." well the time is now to unleash what we're doing.

We're hold a golf tournament to raise funds for the two vehicles. Please take a look at our tournament website. The final details are still coming together but it has the basis for the tournament.

Visit the website and contact us to get all the information.

Our newsletter and tournament invites should be coming to your mailbox soon!