The church was dark and tiny; you could tell the women had put a lot of work into making it look inviting for the congregation.

It was 6 AM and everyone was gathering for morning devotion. When Andrew began speaking his message was received. The Holy Spirit began to lead us all to prayer. While we prayed, unusual things began to happen; the Holy Spirit was breaking out. People began falling, others jumping and others sobbing. The whole church began to erupt in a fervent prayer for their nation. The one hour devotion became a three hour ½ hour intercessory meeting.

The Holy Spirit fell so thick that even the drummers fell on the floor, the children rolled around shouting in tongues. Everyone in the room was greatly affected. The pastor almost didn’t know what to do, because it just kept on going on and on and on. We saw women being set free, joy relieving their faces and orphans kneeling down in adoration.

It was at that moment, I thought, this is what it’s all about. That morning people had a radical God encounter. We didn’t need to lay hands on them (although we did), God’s glory was covering them.

I don’t know what else to write except that God showed up that morning and that was the most radical devotion I’ve ever had. When the devotion ended it people still had trouble getting up, because the presence of God was so thick.

Shortly after we had meeting just for the orphans where we played games with them and taught the alphabet. After that we shared with them the word of God. We had an alter call, not just for salvation but for those who were called to do God’s work in their country.  Nearly all of them responded (about 30).  We prayed with them and sent them off to eat a traditional Congolese meal of beans and ugali the women in the church prepared for them. . .

The book of James says that pure and undefiled religion is ministering to the orphans and the widows. I agree, because they have nothing they can give back, so your reward must totally come from heaven. I would rather have my reward come from heaven anyway, wouldn’t you?
Our God is a awesome God !!

Amen Amen...<><


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