Houses of Prayer in Congo

Pastor Kamwaka and church members praying.
God is speaking to leaders all over the world about building ‘houses of prayer,’ even rural Congolese pastors.

Andrew and Amethyst were the first Westerners to visit a rural church of Bweremana.  The village was only 30 km away from the city; but had no electricity, no running water and its people lived in constant fear of rebels. They barely had cell phone communication but they heard the voice of God!

Despite the church’s financial hardships, the Lord gave Pastor Kamwaka a vision to build a prayer room. The building would be made with bricks and stone (a tough financial commitment for any rural church in Africa.)

After the missionaries shared a message of hope and encouragement with the community, Kamwaka quickly lead them to a small building behind the church. Prayer warriors and church leaders knelt patiently waiting to start praying. The room wasn't even finished, but the group had already spent many nights praying in it.

“We know that God told us to make a room for prayer and that’s what we are doing,” he said.

The missionaries told everyone about the International House of Prayer (IHOP) movement and how pastors all over the world were also hearing from God to build prayer rooms.

They were so encouraged to know that God would not forget His servants in Congo. What He told pastors in the East and West, He has also told His leaders in Africa.

Since then, Amethyst and Andrew have met many Congolese churches who've started prayer rooms.

Amethyst Roth sharing a message about prayer and telling the leaders about the many pastors around the world who have also heeded the call to build houses of prayer.
Pastor Kamwaka was prompted by the Holy Spirit to build a prayer room for his church.